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Can I track car using Apple AirTags ?

Can I track car using Apple AirTags ? Apple has released a button-sized object with location awareness, AirTags , as a great a way to locate.
It has a year's battery life and can wirelessly communicate with any iPhone 11 or 12 devices that are within Bluetooth range.
Due to the countless iPhone users and features, the ecosystem, you can expect the App Store to have a lot of new use cases and integrations as time goes on.

track car using Apple AirTags
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Something similar was, to that I had in mind, was automobile tracking. The size of the device is compact, making it easy to keep out of sight in a problem on a car.

Therefore, vehicle theft is more probable than just finding out where the vehicle is, or finding the vehicle.
Here's how to expand your coverage: On newer iPhone models, this accessory has the technology required to get your vehicle's location across all the user's Bluetooth devices, as long as they are within 1,000 feet (310 m) of your vehicle.

Privacy should be strongly safeguarded, especially since it could be a major concern since this technology is very easily used to snoop on you
It was my understanding that Apple made a commitment to deal with this, and I think they will be able to come through.

Can I track my car using Apple AirTags
Can I track my car using Apple AirTags

The AirTags device registers the phone when it comes in contact with it, providing the name and the approximate position of the phone in the area to the iPhone 12, and transmits that information to it.
Once the phone passes on this data to the Apple cloud, it is able to share the current location of the device with the user.
In that instance, the AirTags shares the owner's location with the user's mobile phone via the find my phone's built-in GPS satellite chip.
Thus, overall, the technology is simple to use and will have a high return on investment.

track car using Apple AirTags

Wherever there aren't enough iPhone devices available, it could be patchy in developing countries like India.
However, in countries like the United States, tracking could be considerably fast and precise in many cases, given the fact that each alternate person has an iPhone.

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