Britain to scrutinize Apple Google ‘duopoly’

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A day after a similar investigation started in Japan, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has announced an investigation into the “duopoly” of Apple and Google on mobile ecosystems.

In yesterday’s Japan Times, it was reported that a similar investigation will be conducted this month over the duopoly of Apple and Google in the country, which might cause increased antitrust regulations.

A focus of the CMA’s investigation will be Apple and Google’s “effective duopoly” on the supply of operating systems including iOS and Android, as well as web browsers like Chrome and Safari. Mobile ecosystems are defined as “gateways through which consumers can gain access to a variety of products, services, and content,” meaning that the investigation will cover a broad range of products and services, such as fitness tracking and smart home devices.

In addition, consumers may be suffering from “reduced innovation” and “higher prices” as a result of the alleged duopoly. The investigation will also look at how their market power impacts other businesses, such as app developers and advertisers.

A CMA investigation into Apple’s App Store policies was already underway, but this investigation into mobile ecosystems is set to expand. Despite this, CMA will present a unified approach across all related cases. The results of market investigations can be sent to the UK government or other agencies, businesses and consumers can be provided with guidelines, and much more.

Additionally, the UK is establishing the Digital Markets Unit, a new regulatory authority designed to protect competition in digital markets.

Source: Press Release CMA

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