Beyond Identity envisions a future in which there will be no need for passwords.

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The password’s death has long been forecast but remains the most common way of logging into systems. Corporation for Identity Management Beyond Identity seeks to solve one of the greatest challenges for IT security and seeks to restore confidence in authentication chains by eliminating passwords as the weakest link.

With a new data center and sales and engineering teams, the company announced plans to broaden its revolutionary approach to Europe. Where many solutions simply bolt bio metrics in addition to a previous solution for ID & password security, Beyond Identity’s system removes unsafe passwords completely and replaces asymmetric encryption.

Among the measures being taken to bolster the company’s presence in Europe are the following:

  • Beyond Identity is rapidly expanding its headcount in the first quarter of 2021, with the goal of filling 16 sales, marketing, and engineering positions. By the end of 2021, this figure will exceed thirty.
  • Beyond Identity’s European growth strategy includes the establishment of a London office in Q3 2021.
  • This enables the company to provision and scale resources in order to meet the needs of European customers who are subject to stringent security and privacy regulations.
  • This European engineering center will ensure that Beyond Identity’s solution receives regional engineering support.

Systems such as Apple Face ID and Microsoft Hello still have a password behind them, so they’re vulnerable when this is the wrong thing. In addition to the system, very small piece of authentication code is used that links your bio-metric identity.

“We’ve deleted your password,” says Tom ‘TJ’ Jermoluk, co-founder of Beyond. “The private benefit is that every device that you have from your laptop to the desktop. It is strong and only you can enable it, there is no backup password and, if you don’t have it, nobody can get it & it’s strong.”

The smart part is that it uses a technology already implemented in TLS (formerly SSL and indicated by the lock in the browser window). This proven, secure and scalable approach eliminates passwords, stops taking accounts and ransomware attacks, and also removes login friction for end users with integrated certificate management.

As the industry uses a public key industry standard policy, it offers the same level of safety that no longer shares passwords. No information that ever leaves the user’s computer to identify them is available.

Jermoluk is sure that this might be the start of the password ending. “I will promise you won’t use passwords for any commercial or consumer applications on one of your systems within five years. Now that all these vaccine ransomware attacks are accelerating, awareness of the problem is high.”

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