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Best Calendar Reminder Apps

It's critically important that our plans go well today, because it will impact our overall success. To ensure they don't forget anything on their to-do list, some people prefer to keep a notebook of upcoming tasks, while others have long embraced digital technology solutions.

Calendar applications are some of the most important tools for organising our lives and carefully planning our time.While many people have shifted to specialised tools, some still do not use calendars on a daily basis. They may find certain applications inconvenient to use, non-functional, or prohibitively expensive.

The best calendar reminder apps will not only function independently, but will also integrate with other critical apps you use, such as email and office software. This way, you'll receive notifications in advance of any events on your calendar.

In comparison to a paper calendar, it's also much easier to change and edit entries, which is especially useful if the schedules of appointments or meetings change.

We're going to look at the Best Calendar Reminder Apps in this article to help you stay organized.

Best Calendar Reminder Apps
Source is our recommendation for the best all-purpose calendar app.
It is available on both mobile and desktop platforms, but shines most brightly on mobile due to an intuitive interface that provides all the tools and information you need on smaller touchscreens.
It connects easily to existing calendar apps to import events, and it color-codes various calendars and events to assist in keeping everything organised.
While it is not as comprehensive as some specialised business calendar apps, for the majority of people, this is an excellent way to keep track of meetings and appointments.
Apart from its enhanced functionality, Calendar is a simple to use application.

It is available for Almost all kind of digital devices


Google Calendar

Best Calendar Reminder Apps
Source Google 

Although the Google Calendar service has evolved into the foundation for a variety of calendar apps, the Google Calendar mobile app is no slouch, with a clean and bright interface and a variety of views, including traditional month and week views as well as more focused schedule views.
The calendar app integrates with Gmail to automatically create events for flight, hotel, and restaurant reservations based on your emails. It also integrates with to-dos and reminders, as well as habit-forming goals (added as a result of Google's acquisition of Timeful).
It's a feature-rich and attractively designed calendar application that performs admirably.
Even better, it integrates seamlessly with Gmail and other Google Workspace apps, with notifications sent to your Gmail account by default.
Additionally, for those with larger screens, Google Calendar will run alongside your Gmail emails, making it easier to see upcoming events and notifications before they are sent.
Additionally, it enables the creation of reminders based on birthdays, tasks, or general reminders.
Google Calendar's primary strength is that it is a cloud-based application that syncs across all of your devices if you sign in with a Google account.
Google Calendar is the official calendar for Android devices and has been extensively tested by a large number of users worldwide.
The programme is extremely simple to follow and will not cost you a dime.
Download here for Apple|Android

Fantastical (For Apple only devices)

Best Calendar Reminder Apps
Source Flexibits

If you own a variety of Apple devices, from MacBooks to iPhones and even an Apple Watch, Fantastical is the best calendar application for you.
You can create meetings and events quickly and easily, and it can also check to see if your coworkers are available for a proposed meeting via Google Apps or Exchange, making it a more powerful app than Apple's default calendar.
There is a free version available with limited features, which means it will perform similarly to other free calendar apps.
Fantastical is an iOS calendar application that provides a clean presentation of events in daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views, complemented by extremely simple reminder and event management.
More importantly, Fantastical includes useful features for proposing meetings and enhanced support for Todoist and Google Tasks to-do lists. iPhone users will appreciate the addition of dark mode and a new full-screen vertical view; as you might expect, the app now takes advantage of iOS 14's ability to add widgets to your iPhone's home screen.
Fantastical offers a 14-day free trial before informing you that you must pay $4.99 per month to access the calendar app's premium features.
An annual subscription saves you money over a month-to-month payment.

Download Fantastical Here

Outlook (Android, iOS: Free)

Best Calendar Reminder Apps
Source Microsoft

If you haven't looked at Outlook in a while, Microsoft's email and calendaring application is worth another look.
Microsoft integrated Sunrise Calendar features into Outlook, giving the latter app's calendar and scheduling capabilities a boost.
Along with its robust email capabilities and integration with Microsoft Office apps, Outlook on mobile has been improving its scheduling and events capabilities, with new Calendar App integrations for Facebook, Evernote
Additionally, you get event directions from your preferred mapping apps and a feature called "Interesting Calendars" that you can subscribe to for things like sporting events and television shows
It integrates tightly with Windows 10 and uses the same Microsoft account that you use to log in to Windows, which means that all of your contacts, events, and calendars should be waiting for you.
Additionally, you can connect your LinkedIn account.

Download Outlook from here Android|Apple|Windows

Business Calendar

Best Calendar Reminder Apps
Source Appgenix Software

Android users are somewhat spoiled by Google's default calendar app, but the best calendar app for Android devices is Business Calendar 2.
It includes a variety of themes and widgets that allow you to completely customise the appearance and feel of your calendars.
It does an excellent job of managing multiple calendars and presenting them in an easy-to-understand format, and it is available for free.
While the basic version is free, it is subsidized by advertisements.
However, there is a pro version available that removes advertisements and adds a few additional features for a reasonable price.
Business Calendar is designed for individuals who use their calendar for work-related tasks and task planning.
It features a variety of modes and extensive configuration options.
While the Android Business Calendar application may appear to be somewhat chaotic, it functions well and is simple to use after some practise.

Download Business Calendar 2 from Here

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