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10 Best apps to hide apps and media (Android / iPhone) 2021

Hiding and protecting sensitive information is paramount so we will discuss the Best apps to hide apps (Android / iPhone) 2021. Nowadays, it is impossible to live without using our mobile phones. The increase in digital has increased the likelihood of identity and information theft. Hackers and intruders continue to discover new skills and techniques to steal critical data that can be used for malicious purposes. Theft of personal information has also become very common these days. This is an easy crime to commit.

Our Android and iPhone can act as our mobile mini and contain a lot of our personal and privileged information. Therefore, you need to protect your phone from snooping eyes. I don’t know who is peering at the phone screen from the length of my arm. Always keep in mind that the criminal is lying there. So that’s why you have to be careful and make sure you don’t fall victim to their selfish intentions. You need to keep all your information safe. Therefore, download the above program to hide the apps you need and keep your data safe and secure.

Someone may not want to break into your privacy because your cell phone may contain many private messages and calls. Therefore, in such cases, the Hide application can be useful for protecting the contents of the phone and maintaining security. In the following articles, we will take a look at some of the Best apps to hide apps and media (Android / iPhone).

1 Hide photo, video hide it Pro (Android / iPhone)

Best apps to hide apps and media

It is the best-hidden app Android / iPhone and is trusted by more than 20 million users with an average rating of 4.6. It hides photos and videos from your gallery and allows you to easily access them using a secret PIN code. Now, with this app, you can easily share your phone without worrying about privacy.

2. App Hider (Android / iPhone)

Best apps to hide apps and media

This app is the best hide app Android / iOS 2021 and it imports the app into the Hider app that you want to hide and can remove that application from your home network. , Will hide the video. You can also clone your app, which means accessing multiple social media accounts (WhatsApp Facebook …) from one device.

3. App hider (Android)

Best apps to hide apps and media

It allows you to transfer the program to the Hider program you want to hide and then remove this program from your phone. You can also use the Hider privacy cover. After that, the privacy hider will not be visible to the sender. Only accessible with a disguised calculator. When you exit Privacy Hider, it will switch to the calculator interface, lock up again and start working as a calculator.

4. Vault (Android / iPhone)

Best apps to hide apps and media

It’s also Best Hide App Android / iPhone 2021, it hides and protects your photos and videos Photos and videos imported to your phone can only be viewed or played when you enter the correct password. These images and videos can be supported in the space in the cloud for even greater protection.
This app hides and protects SMS and can be easily backed up or restored at any time. The program also has contact/call protection logging capabilities. It has many features such as reminder calls, app lock, private browser, cloud backup, data transfer, password recovery, and more.

5. Privacy Master (Android)

Best apps to hide apps and media

With this app, anyone can know your secret with this amazing hide application launch application! This privacy-hidden app icon creates a safe place to protect Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Messenger, Gallery, and other important applications that can reveal your privacy. The Hide App icon also acts as a private hidden app launch, search box, or other location. This app includes a photo and video lock app, privacy history browser, and privacy to hide the app’s secrets

6. Locker: Hide photos, hide apps (iPhone)

Best apps to hide apps and media

This program removes the application from the home screen, puts it in your closet and puts your private photos in your closet instead of your photo gallery. This allows you to write private notes directly into the locker app and store files in the locker that only you can access.

7. Hide app (Android)

Best apps to hide apps and media

This app locks the app in a “safe” but “easy to open” format. You will be able hide your photos by locking the gallery and photo applications and keeping the data from the prying eyes and app is absolutely free. Even the latest version of Android works perfectly and allows you to set settings, lock types, and themes.

8. Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe (iPhone)

Best apps to hide apps and media

It hides photos and videos from your gallery and allows you to easily access them using a secret pattern/dot lock PIN. This app has the function of password protected photo album. You can create an album directly in the app import / export from the image application. It also has iTunes sync and wireless image and video transfer capabilities. You can view your photos and videos in galleries, slideshows and have an intuitive interface like Photo App. You can also browse the web with privacy. Download this app and share your phone without fear of leaking your personal photos.

9. Clock Secret Vault (Android)

Best apps to hide apps and media

This Android app allows users to lock their gallery etc, with the help of this app you can avoid information leakage. Clock Secret Vault hides all media with important things to protect your privacy. You can easily manage, view, move and export photos to gallery or album folders.

10. Picsafe (Android / iPhone)

Best apps to hide apps and media

This application tends to hide your photos and videos and protect them through password lock. Now you can click on the pictures of your documents like social security cards, passports and keep them safe. You can also save screenshots of your essentials.

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