Apple Stores will still need masks, and other safety measures COVID-19

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As the US and other countries make progress against COVID-19 vaccination, some public health agencies and private companies have begun to relax mask requirements. According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple will, for the time being, maintain its mask mandate and other COVID-19 precautions at retail locations in the United States.

The news comes after the CDC revised its guidance in the United States on Thursday, stating that fully vaccinated individuals can resume normal activities without wearing a mask. Certain retailers in the United States, including Costco and Walmart, have already adjusted their mask policies to reflect the CDC guidance.

Apple Stores will still need masks, and other safety measures COVID-19
Image Credits: Apple

According to a Bloomberg report published today, Apple has informed its US retail locations that its mask mandate and other COVID-19 safety protocols will remain in effect for the time being. The company stressed, however, that it is constantly evaluating health and safety measures and that employee and customer safety are its top priorities.

Apple Inc. has informed its retail locations in the United States that the mask mandate and other Covid-19-related procedures will remain in place for the time being, though the company says it is continuing to evaluate health and safety measures.

The iPhone maker based in Cupertino, California, added that its first priority is employee and customer safety.

Apple did not provide a timeline for when the company’s mask mandate would be lifted. Certain stores remain open on a limited basis or by appointment only. Apple Stores in Michigan were closed until this week due to an increase in COVID-19 cases in the state. They reopened as Express Storefronts this week.

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