Apple iOS 15 announced sneak peek at its new features

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Apple today unveiled iOS 15, the company’s next major iPhone upgrade, which includes new video calling features, enhancements to Messages, user statuses, and a notification summary.


FaceTime now includes a grid view and portrait mode for video in iOS 15. FaceTime calls now include Spatial Audio and adjustable voice isolation for a more realistic experience on the audio side. Additionally, users now have the option of creating a shared link to a planned video call.

FaceTime’s “SharePlay” feature enables users to incorporate music, videos, and movies into calls as well as share screens. Additionally, SharePlay is offered as an API for integration into third-party applications.


Photos includes a feature called “Live Text,” which enables users to highlight and choose text within photographs. Additionally, Live Text works in other apps, such as Apple News.

Photos will also be included in Spotlight searches in iOS 15, and Apple Music tracks can be linked into Photos memories. Memory mixes are synchronised with the movie and graphics and are user-configurable with Apple Music’s intelligently selected tracks.


Notifications have been redesigned in iOS 15. A notification summary has been added that displays notifications based on how users engage with their apps.

Users’ Do Not Disturb status is now shown in Messages to contacts. Additionally, there are alternative status possibilities, such as “Focus,” which acts as a user-configurable notification state. Statuses are synchronised between devices.


In iOS 15, Messages introduces new ways to exchange material such as photos, music, podcasts, and Apple News stories. Users can pin contributed material to make it more visible to others.


Maps provides a world perspective as well as a far more comprehensive three-dimensional perspective of cities. New road details have been added to aid drivers in cities, as well as additional information in the Transit view.

Maps now tracks you automatically along a transit route, notifying you when it’s time to disembark and providing more specific directional information.


Weather has been entirely redesigned and now includes an in-app map and new background animations.

Voice Search

iOS 15 includes voice search in Safari, cross-app drag and drop, new Memoji costumes, and improved Spotlight contact cards.


Keys, such as business badges, hotel room keys, and keys for smart home locks, are now available in Wallet on iOS 15. Wallet now handles identity cards as well. Users can easily add their ID to the Wallet app by scanning it.

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