Apple announces the release of macOS 11.5’s first developer beta

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Apple announces the release of macOS 11.5’s first developer beta accessible to developers, with the new build available for download and installation for testing.

Developers can access new beta builds via the Apple Developer Center or by an over-the-air upgrade for current beta installs. Public beta versions are typically made available shortly after their developer counterparts and can be obtained via the Apple Beta Software Program website.

The fifth beta and the first Release Candidate beta are available, after the fourth on June 29 and the third on June 14. The second beta was released on June 2, following the initial test on May 19.

Thus far, the betas have revealed that the update would only focus on maintenance and compatibility, with no new features or significant changes. Apple is also beta testing macOS Monterey, which is scheduled for release this fall.

Apple highly advise users not to install betas on “mission-critical” or primary devices due to the distant potential of data loss or other concerns. Rather than that, testers should install betas on secondary or non-essential devices and create adequate backups of critical data prior to updating. Apple states Beta software, which includes previews and seeds, is a version of software that is still in development and has not yet been made available to the general public.

It further states beta program is designed for installation on Apple Developer Program-registered development devices. Registered development devices can be upgraded to subsequent beta releases and the software’s mainstream version. Making an unlawful attempt to install beta software violates Apple policy and may leave your device inoperable, necessitating an out-of-warranty repair. Before installing beta software, make a backup of your equipment and install it only on devices and systems that you are willing to wipe clean if necessary.

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