Apple AirTags 7 Innovative Uses

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n this article we will discuss Apple AirTags 7 Innovative Uses.Whether you are near or far, bluetooth trackers can help you to find lost items or misplaced items. You can even use Apple AirTags to find nearby AirTags using an iPhone by walking in and out of the screen.

It’s likely that you have several ways to implement this technology already in mind, but here are a few innovative uses of AirTags you may not have considered.

Interested in traveling? Find for your luggage

Are you tired of fighting your way to the front of the luggage return conveyor with hundreds of other passengers, only to wait 30 minutes for your bags to appear? Secure your bag with an AirTag and then sit back and wait. Finding your bag is as simple as following the directions on your iPhone.

Apple AirTags 7 Innovative Uses

Airports have the advantage of being busy, which increases the likelihood that someone will walk past your bag with an iPhone significantly more than in remote or sparsely populated areas. If someone picks up your bag accidentally (or not-so-accidentally), you can quickly locate it using your AirTag.

To Find your Pets or Kids

AirTags should not be used to locate people, particularly not without their consent. Due to their passive nature, AirTags make for poor people and pet trackers. They must communicate with their owners every three days to avoid entering Lost Mode automatically, which makes them an unsuitable collar option for your dog.

With that in mind, they could be preferable to none as a temporary solution. For instance, you might attach an AirTag to a child’s backpack or keyring while out on a day trip to an amusement park, a shopping centre, or another dense area. If you walk your dog in a harness each night, adding an AirTag to the harness can provide you with additional peace of mind.

Apple AirTags 7 Innovative Uses 

Although Apple has not verified the maximum range for locating a nearby AirTag, Bluetooth should be successful up to approximately 100 metres (330 feet) in ideal conditions. If your child or pet escapes, you’ll have an instant method of locating them based on their proximity. Retrieve the iPhone and follow the on-screen instructions if the missing AirTag is found nearby.

If you want to monitor someone in real time (with their consent), you can instead use location sharing on an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Locate Your Vehicle in Parking Space or Parking Space itself

Consider installing an AirTag on your vehicle if you are one of the many drivers who constantly forget where they parked. Bear in mind, however, that putting the AirTag inside the car can impair its visibility to your iPhone. Since AirTags are water-resistant and have an IP67 rating, you might be able to install one outside the vehicle as well.

As with tracking a stolen bicycle, your AirTag will not include real-time location updates. This significantly complicates the process of locating a moving car, as AirTags depend on passers-by to transmit location data to Apple. If the vehicle is parked in an isolated location without any nearby iPhones, it will not appear on the Find My network.

Apple AirTags 7 Innovative Uses

This also disqualifies AirTags from being used as anti-theft devices, but for some money, it certainly can’t hurt. The alternative is a GPS tracking device, which can locate and report on your vehicle’s location in real time, but these can be costly—and most require a subscription as well.

Additionally, AirTags begin emitting a sound after three days of being separated from their owners. This will warn potential criminals, who will almost certainly destroy the AirTag, leaving you with a very small window of opportunity. During this time, it is important to provide any details you have to the police.

For the Purpose of Hiding Something

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, keeping an AirTag on hand may be beneficial if you need to momentarily conceal something. If you’ve ever concealed an object so well that even you were unable to locate it, you’ll definitely appreciate this tip.  Although concealing items in plain sight is often the best course of action, there are occasions when you just want to throw something into a cupboard and retrieve it later.

Apple AirTags 7 Innovative Uses

By following the specific instructions on your smartphone, you can use your iPhone to locate an object that is attached to an AirTag.

But you should take care not to conceal the object so completely that it falls beyond the range of your iPhone. As long as the object maintains contact with your devices, it will remain silent.

Locate TV remote

Are you one of those guys who keep losing TV remote. You could tape an AirTag to a remote that you frequently lose, but it would be a bit clumsy; keep in mind that it is 8mm thick. It’s unfortunate that the new Siri remote for Apple TV does not support FindMy. (In the meantime, Apple’s rival Roku recently released its Voice Remote Pro, which includes a remote-finder feature.)

Apple AirTags 7 Innovative Uses

We’re hoping to see third-party manufacturers create a cases for the TV remotes that incorporates an integrated AirTag holder.

Locate Tech devices Tools, Camera or binoculars

As with luggage, it is critical to track your camera bag or laptop bag. If you have an Apple laptop, you already have Find My, but if the battery dies or the computer is turned off, an AirTag may help you locate it. AirTag batteries have a lifespan of about a year.

Apple AirTags 7 Innovative Uses

Are you a Kindle owner, do you own a portable gaming device, or do you own a GoPro camera? If there is sufficient space, you can stow an AirTag in the case of any device to help you locate it if you forget where you last used it. Other devices can be locked down using one of the loop AirTag holders.
If you enjoy birding and own expensive binoculars that you frequently forget, you may want to tag them with an AirTag and one of the available accessories. The same is true for a camera, tripod, or any other piece of equipment you bring into the wilderness.

Locate Power tools

Do you frequently misplace power tools or lose track of their location in the basement, garage, or shed?

Apple AirTags 7 Innovative Uses

Attach an AirTag to your drill, saw, or toolbox and use them to find power tools location within your home.

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