Any Google account holder can access Google Workspace

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The Workspace offering from Google has also been made available for free to all users. Any Google account holder can access Google Workspace. Users no longer need an enterprise account to use extra features in Meet, Docs, Drive, etc.

It lets colleagues who share a meeting room turn on Companion Mode on their personal devices and have their own video tiles in Meet. This allows employees to stay in touch with their teammates on the other side of the globe said Google. In September, Google Meet will offer Companion Mode on the web and the progressive web app.

Mobile versions are coming soon.

In Google Meet, Google will introduce the ‘Companion Mode’ experience for second screens, making hybrid meetings easier. According to Google, “Companion Mode gives every meeting participant, no matter where they are, access to interactive features and controls like polls, live chat, hand-raising, Q&A, and more.”

Image Credits: Google

Small businesses can also purchase a paid version of Google Workspace known as ‘Google Workspace Individual’. Google said that Individual small business owners will be able to do more, show up in a more professional manner, and better serve their customers now that Google Workspace is available. This suite of solutions provides a premier experience, including smart booking services, professional video meetings, personalized email marketing and more on the way.

Customers have access to Google support to optimize their solutions within their existing Google accounts, so they can easily manage personal and professional responsibilities in one place.Workspace Individual will launch soon in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and Japan.

Source: Google

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