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Android TV and Google TV users can now try out Android 13 Beta | How to Download the Android 13 Beta for Android TV

Android 13 Beta for TV has been released, giving us our first glimpse of the next generation of Android TV. This is the first time we are seeing what changes Android 13 will bring to TVs and streaming devices, as most of the changes recorded thus far have been focused on cellphones and tablets.

The first beta version of Android 13 TV’s user interface is currently available for developers and power users to preview. However, you cannot update your current Android TV/Google TV device to the latest beta release. The ADT-3, an Android TV dongle for developers, is the only way to test out Android 13 TV on a physical device. To get the updated software, you can use the Android Emulator for TV within Android Studio.

The Android 13 TV doesn’t look much different from the Android 12 TV in terms of visual upgrades. However, as Mishaal Rahman points out, there is no support for enlarged picture-in-picture mode or Fast Pair in the first beta. With each new Android update, Google promises to make “more changes in Android to improve the experience and compatibility on TV.”

A new “low power standby” option for Android 13 for TV is being worked on, which might disable wakelocks and block off network access to apps in order to conserve battery life. However, it’s not obvious if this adjustment has been included in the first beta.

How to Download the Android 13 Beta for Android TV

You can get the Android 13 system image and flash it onto an ADT-3 developer device yourself. Android 13 Beta for Android TV is made available via system images for the ADT-3 Developer Kit and the Android Emulator for TV.

See Android 13 Beta for TV for further information.