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Android SDK Platform-Tools Download (Windows/Mac/Linux)

In this article we will discuss about Android SDK Platform-Tools Download (Windows/Mac/Linux). The latest version of Android SDK Platform-tools (Google Platform-tools) is available for download. The platform-tools package contains the essential ADB and Fastboot commands for all Android devices. ADB and Fastboot are both command-line tools that facilitate a range of tasks on Android mobile devices. While ADB is primarily used to communicate with the Android Debug Bridge, fastboot is used to flash factory images, custom recoveries, boot images (.img), and more.

ADB and Fastboot are critical command-line tools for Android that enable a variety of operations such as flashing factory images or custom recovery or kernel images (.img), as well as sideloading APKs. We can execute a plethora of actions on Android devices and even debug them using the ADB and Fastboot commands. Thanks to the Android SDK Platform-tools, which bundle all necessary files for running ADB and Fastboot commands from a command prompt. You can obtain the newest SDK platform-tools Zip file for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X directly from Google's servers using the links below.

What are the SDK Platform-Tools?

Platform-tools is essentially a command-line utility for developers exclusively. As part of Android SDK Manager and Android Studio, they are used to execute complex activities such as developing Android apps and APKs as well as analysis and debugging (Android Application Package file). Apps may be emulated, graphic layouts can be edited, and tests can be performed without a real Android device using these tools.

As recently as a few months ago, we had to download the whole Android SDK package or Android Studio and install the Platform-tools. Google then made the decision to release the Android SDK Platform-tools separately. Android SDK Platform-tools for Windows, Linux, and Mac are now available in an easy-to-download Zip bundle.

Why do we need Android SDK Platform-Tools

One critical point to explore is why you will require this tool. Consider the following. When you connect your device to your computer in order to transfer files, photos, or videos, you must install the device-specific USB Drivers. Without them, your PC will simply refuse to detect the attached device or will display it as unrecognized.

The same is true for these Android SDK Platform-Tools, however their application goes a step further. These utilities are not required when your device is connected to a computer for file transfers. Rather than that, these utilities are required while performing ADB and/or Fastboot commands.

If these tools are installed, your device will only be recognized by the PC in fastboot or ADB mode. There are numerous commands that would be required to perform the aforementioned changes.

To begin, the primary prerequisite is an unlocked bootloader. Unless and until you do so, you will be unable to experiment with any higher-level adjustments. However, even to unlock the bootloader, the Android SDK Platform Tools must be installed. Apart from that, here are some of its other quite significant applications:

To boot in Bootloader/Fastboot

Boot your device into bootloader or fastboot mode using ADB and Fastboot binaries. Simply enter the adb reboot bootloader command. The nicest part of this code is that it works on all Android smartphones.

To Boot in Device Recovery Mode

It also helps in booting your device into a custom recovery like as TWRP or the stock recovery. This one line of code can also boot your device into TWRP or stock recovery.

adb reboot recovery

To Test ADB and Fastboot

If you have the Android SDK and Platform Tools installed on your PC, you can easily verify that your device has been successfully booted into ADB or Fastboot mode. Type following command to test ADB or fastboot devices to test Fastboot.

adb devices

Bootloader UnLock

You can use these tools to Unlock bootloader and it opens endless customisation doors for your device. TO unlock run following command.

 fastboot oem unlock

To Flash recovery Zip’s

You could also use the these tools to flash recovery ZIP files like TWRP.

fastboot flash recovery

To Boot your device with an image

Similarly these tools can be used to boot your device through image file. Example if you want to Boot your device with an TWRP recovery image use following command

fastboot boot recovery.img

For Device Reboot

You can also use the following command to directly boot your device into Android OS.

fastboot reboot

To be fair, these are just a few common commands. Other ADB and Fastboot commands may be required to complete these customizations. However, without the Android SDK Platform Tools installed on your PC, no code will run. So, we hope you have a good grasp of the need and importance of this product. Let us now move on to the download and usage instructions for this utility on multiple platforms.

Android SDK Platform-Tools Download (Windows/Mac/Linux)

You can get the Android SDK Tools for each of the three major computer operating (Windows/Mac/Linux) systems listed below.

Android SDK Platform-Tools Download (Windows)

After downloading the most recent version of Android SDK Platform-tools for Windows, you can configure it using the methods below.

Android SDK Platform-Tools Download (Mac OS X)

Using above download link you can download Android SDK Platform-Tools. Install and utilize ADB and Fastboot on a Mac

Android SDK Platform-Tools Download (Linux & Ubuntu)

Using above download link you can download Android SDK Platform-Tools on Linux & Ubuntu. Install and utilize ADB and Fastboot on a Linux & Ubuntu.

How to Install Android SDK and Platform Tools

After downloading the SDK Platform-tools, you must install or configure them on your PC. If you're unsure how to use the zip file you just downloaded or how to run the ADB and Fastboot instructions, I'll explain everything you need to know.

Start by unzipping "". You can extract it to any location on your computer, but I prefer to save the data to a folder named "Platform-Tools" on my Windows PC's C drive. After extracting the zip file, you must open a command prompt window in order to run the ADB or Fastboot commands.

Great you have completed installation.

How to use Android SDK and Platform Tools

The Android SDK Platform-tools are a package of tools that allow you to run and debug Android applications from the command line, write and install Android system images, manage and install Android devices, and more. SDK and Platform Tools works in command prompt in windows and Terminal in MacOS/Linux.

  • Open command prompt in windows and Terminal in MacOS/Linux.
  • Change directory using following command in command prompt/Terminal. As I have extracted it it in "c:\platform-tools\platform-tools"
cd c:\platform-tools\platform-tools
  • Alternatively you can open path where you have extracted the Platform-Tools and write cmd in address bar and press enter.
Android SDK Platform-Tools Download (Windows/Mac/Linux)
Open path where you extracted Patform-Tools
Android SDK Platform-Tools Download (Windows/Mac/Linux)
opened command prompt
  • To test everything is working as expected run following "adb" command you must see output as shown in picture below.
Android SDK Platform-Tools Download (Windows/Mac/Linux)

You have downloaded & successfully installed Android SDK and Platform Tools.

Now that you have installed SDK and Platform Tools but before using it with your Android there are additional steps which you need to do

Enable USB Debugging on your phone

To activate USB Debugging on your device in the Android Debugging or ADB mode, you must first enable USB Debugging on your PC. This is how it may be accomplished:

  • On your Android device, navigate to Settings.
  • Go to About Phone and tap seven times on the Build Number.
  • Then return to System > Settings > Advanced.
  • The Developer Options window should now appear.
  • Allow USB Debugging to be enabled there.

Now, using a USB cord, connect your device to your computer and go to the next phase.

Now you can start using with your device.


In the end, we have covered the ways to download and install the latest version of Android SDK Platform-Tools on your Windows, Mac, and Linux computer systems. Hope you found this tutorial helpful. Do share your feedback with us in the comments section below.