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Learn To Use Android Find My Phone Like A Professional

In this article we will go over apps Android Find My Phone. Losing our phone will be financially disastrous for us. To lose or to, or to acquire our phone’s theft is the worst thing that could happen to us!.
There is a chance to able to find your Android phone when it’s lost or stolen or even erase data. There are some tools which can be used find my phone android. Android itself like Apple iPhone’s provides functionality to track your phone. There are 3rd party apps also available which helps you find the answer your question Android Find My Phone.

Top Tools for Android find my phone

  • Find My device
  • Find My Phone
  • Prey Anti-theft
  • Where is my droid

Find My Device

Android Find My Phone

This is the software provided by Google that allows you to find your lost Android and prevent it from receiving calls or texts until you find it. Most users enjoy using the feature in general; in other words, they usually post positive comments in the app’s comments.
While the application includes the following:

  • See where your phone, tablet, or wrist watch is on the map.
  • The last known location will be used as a placeholder for the current location until a new one is available
  • Map and search your current location on an interior floor plan to find your location in airports, shopping malls, etc.
  • Choose your destination on your device with the hardware “Find location” button, and then the “Android Maps” or “Maverick’s Maps” icon.
  • Allow the volume to go as high as it can go, even if the device is silent.
  • If you do not want the data or phone to be permanently deleted, clear it from the lock screen and include your contact information.
  • Inspect the battery and network to see if there are problems.
  • Double-check the hardware details.

Even if you have not have this app you can access UI from web browser and login using credential you used in your android phone which got lost. you will be presented all features which were presented in app along with Map.

Android Find My Phone

Find My phone

Android Find My Phone

Find my phone is another Android tracking tool which will help in Android find my phone. And in addition, it’s completely free for Android!. With this its easier to keep tabs on your iPhone and Android device. Find your own, spouse or child’s, or keep track of a device’s current location all the time with the use of this state-of-the-the-the-art GPS. It also has map showing the last known position of the stolen or lost phone on the their website and can tell you the exact location whenever it has been moved You can even locate and follow on the Android tablets.

It also provides provides users with basic location histiory like recent place they visited, as well as extensive locations from previous locations visited.

This function reveals where your Droid has been on a map over the course of the day, where it has been. When the Droid is moved, they keep track of its location. You can explore its location afterwards or, when you’re done exploring, just return to where you were and see where it is.

Prey Anti Theft

This app is designed to work with all major operating systems, Chromebooks, iOS, Ubuntu, and Mac.
No paid options in this programme expand the free capabilities in any more than these, but you can still download it with as many devices as you like for free. This programme has no extra services to offer, but has an absolutely free option for entering data and erasing all your data, as well as remotely deactivating the information on your phone.
In addition to this, Prey Anti-theft allows you to recover documents that you never lose, meaning you can get everything you’ve stored in your phone back so that you have a chance to finish work and save your important data.
The base functionality of the mod simply version is as described is as follows:

  • Locative (pronounced “gig-TAL-i-TAAL-yuhd”) coordinates: perfect for tracking your phone or other devices if you’re aiming for the police.
  • Access is enabled through the Mac address: this, and no one can deny that this is your device’s identity
  • Make an educated guess as to see if your phone has been stolen using your phone’s digital image feature.
  • Wireless access in a group of home, commercial, and public spaces This allows you to see all connections that are currently open and allows you to trace back your connections to the device
  • If the device or user configuration has changed, listen. For example, get in-update operations can be used to see if something was added, removed, modified, or deleted on the device, or to determine what the new configuration the device should be, such as an additional/different/modified device or user operations.


Android Find My Phone

This is the fourth but not the least programme to help you find your phone that we highly recommend. To contrast, although it offers paid services, it is available in the free version of some of the following features:

  • Look up the location of the phone through its Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • When the battery is fully exhausted, the map will alert you to its location
  • Activate the phone’s vibration feature
  • On the menu, select each feature, and activate it with a command
  • The programme is equipped with built-in with two-factor authentication to lock-out features to prevent unauthorised alterations
  • If your phone number or SIM card changes, you’ll be updated immediately.
  • Message hiding feature can also hides passages with attention
  • There is no noticeable draining on the battery
  • White list or blacklist App another great feature provided by this app and you can activate by sending text messages

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