Android 12 beta around the corner

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Android 12.0 beta should be arriving soon! Assuming Google sticks to its normal I/O release pattern, the upcoming Google I/O conference will probably see the latest version of Android’s development preview.

That has no effect on you. Pixel 3, Pixel 4, Pixel 5, users will be happy and excited. As these Google devices updated to include all of the Beta builds, which they should use as part of the Android 12 Developer Preview. Google device owner can register on Google Android Beta to start getting beta Android 12 once it is available. What we don’t know is what else Google will demonstrate during the Beta launch.

We expect the Android 12 beta to maintain all features which are present in developer previews (DP1, Dp2, DP3) , and perhaps expand on some features. Developer previews has new Settings menu, enhanced media controls, notification changes, a less-black dark theme, a one-handed mode, enhanced picture-in-picture controls, a new widget picker, and some lock-screen changes.

We do know that they’re working on some significant UI changes, including puffier, rounder sliders and other elements, as well as a significant theme engine update that could bring your phone’s color experience to life based on your wallpaper. Android 12, assuming Google releases all of the features discovered during testing, could be one of the most the largest OS overhaul in several years. In a couple of days we will learn more about the start of the annual I/O conference.

I think pixel’s will get some of this functionality this summer as Feature Drop exclusively, rather than allowing others to play with that in Beta builds.

While Developer Previews to an apparently more secure beta programme in the Android 12 release cycle, things may still be a little rough, if not downright buggy before the final release.Well, anyway, be ready for the update we could have the beta version 12 of Android 12 by the end of the week.

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