An overview of AWS BugBust Challenge

An overview of AWS BugBust Challenge

Today, Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), a subsidiary of, Inc., announced the AWS BugBust Challenge. Developers from any country can enter the competition by creating an AWS BugBust event in the Amazon CodeGuru console. Developers who contribute to cost reductions by locating bugs in AWS BugBust are eligible to win exclusive prizes and a trip to Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent 2021. To begin the AWS BugBust Challenge, please visit

Code reviews are a critical component of software development because they help ensure the proper use of code and techniques. The size and complexity of code reviews increase in lockstep with the velocity of application features. To conduct code reviews more efficiently, developers must seek out more efficient and less tedious methods. Large codebases necessitate manual inspection, limiting teams’ ability to collaborate, share best practises, and find and fix numerous bugs.

The first global bug-busting challenge for developers is to eliminate 1 million software bugs and $100 million in technical debt collectively through the use of Amazon CodeGuru. Amazon CodeGuru is a developer tool that leverages machine learning to identify applications’ most expensive lines of code. Amazon CodeGuru offers two tools: Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer (which leverages machine learning to identify issues in code and make detailed recommendations on how to resolve them) and Amazon CodeGuru Profiler (which uses machine learning to identify the most expensive lines of code in applications). Customers can easily organise AWS BugBust events in the Amazon CodeGuru console by participating in the AWS BugBust Challenge and then inviting their teams to participate. Developers earn points on their organization’s private BugBust leaderboard whenever they resolve a bug and save money. All bug fixes and cost savings achieved by participants during the event will be added to the global AWS BugBust leaderboard, earning participants profile badges, exclusive prizes, and a trip to AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas.

Each day, AWS customers build and deploy new features to their applications, while also managing large amounts of complex code. According to Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of Amazon Machine Learning at AWS, even skilled developers are overworked because they are constantly building, innovating, and deploying their work. An exciting event today is the announcement of a new approach for improving code quality, eliminating bugs, and boosting application performance while saving millions of dollars in application resource costs. By taking on the AWS BugBust Challenge, developers can spend less time identifying common coding errors and more time competing and improving their applications.

AWS BugBust is currently available in the US East (Northern Virginia), with additional regions to follow.

NextRoll enables marketplaces and marketing platforms to rapidly develop and improve their marketing capabilities. “We used AWS BugBuster to systematically improve our code quality,” NextRoll’s CTO, Valentino Volonghi, explained. AWS BugBust assists in increasing the number of critical issues discovered prior to an application reaching customers, while also decreasing code review time and teaching developers new coding skills. They’re fantastic because they’re having a good time.

Partner with QuickSight and a Well-Architected System Belle Fleur has a track record of assisting clients in producing high-quality, useful software in a timely, reliable, and cost-effective manner. Gamification of DevOps with AWS BugBust is pure genius, as Tia Dubuisson, President of Belle Fleur Technologies, asserts. Customers seeking to excel in the Operational Excellence pillar can now leverage AWS CodeGuru and machine learning to avoid costly and time-consuming manual inspections. We are proud to be a launch partner for CodeGuru, which enables DevOps excellence from startups to enterprises. They can now leverage machine learning-powered insights in conjunction with AWS BugBust to rapidly identify and fix bugs in a fun and engaging manner while saving money. Our customers are able to reinvest time savings in other modernization projects and in recruiting and retaining new talent as a result of modern technology and automation.

Miami Dade College was established in 1959 and currently operates eight campuses and twenty-one outreach locations throughout Miami-Dade County. “By participating in the AWS BugBuster Challenge, our students will gain confidence in their ability to use Python and will advance their careers in information technology,” said Antonio Delgado, Dean of Engineering, Technology, and Design at Miami Dade College. Each semester, we will use AWS BugBust as a platform for our students to demonstrate and improve their coding skills.

Games for Love is a public charity dedicated to saving lives, alleviating suffering, and ensuring children’s sustainable futures. According to Nathan Blair, Founder and CEO of Games For Love, a flaw can survive the inspection and verification phase prior to the product being shipped. AWS BugBust has transformed our code review process by enabling developers to discover high-quality code and celebrate bug-bashing accomplishments. Additionally, utilising machine learning-based recommendations in conjunction with Amazon CodeGuru will help our developers improve their coding skills.

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