Amazon Kindle Paperwhite specs leaked, shows bigger 6.8-inch display

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According to GoodEReader, a comparison table for a new generation of Kindle devices surfaced on Amazon Canada, however were later removed. It contains two new devices: a Kindle Paperwhite for CA$149.99 ($117) and a Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition for CA$209.99($164). However, only one of the two will enable wireless charging. The more expensive variant will also have greater storage and adaptive lighting.

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The ordinary Kindle Paperwhite looks to have 8GB of storage, while the Signature Edition appears to have 32GB, which appears to be the same as the original Paperwhite’s two storage options. With a 300ppi resolution, it hasn’t changed. The number of front-light LEDs has been raised from five to seventeen, and their colour temperature should be changeable, like with the existing Kindle Oasis. They will both have flush-mounted displays and be waterproof to IPX8 requirements, like the current Paperwhite variant. The specs mention Wi-Fi but not cellular variants.

Some features from the Oasis will be carried over, but others will be exclusive to Amazon’s premium e-reader, the Kindle Paperwhite. The table compares its ergonomic design, auto-rotating page orientation, and physical page-turn buttons.

Unfortunately, Amazon hasn’t said which USB connector type the new Kindles will utilise, so it’s unclear whether Amazon wants to finally switch them to USB-C after using Micro USB for so long. Even Amazon’s high-end Kindle Oasis uses an antiquated USB connector.

It was announced that the two new Kindle models would be introduced this week, following the introduction of an updated Kindle interface that was made available as an upgrade for virtually every Kindle created since 2015. There is now a navigation bar on the device’s Home screen, which makes it quicker to go between the device’s Home page, library, and currently-reading book. When the new Kindles are released, it is likely that this new interface will be pre-installed on them.

Exactly when Amazon will make the official announcement about the new e-readers is unknown at this time. It usually organises an autumn hardware event at the end of September, so we could not be too far away from the event this year.

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