All House Of The Dead Remake Cheats Codes

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Although brain-eating zombies have been popularized in recent years by horror video games such as House of the Dead, they were not always a staple of pop culture. Can you envision zombies in the 19th century? No! Their resurgence began in the 1990s.

Sega’s remake of House of the Dead is now available, and players are ready to take on hordes of zombies. The game has been remastered with updated graphics but still retains its classic retro feel. If you played the original version, you may have used cheat codes to access certain features. Here’s our guide to the House of the Dead remake’s cheats.

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All House Of The Dead Remake Cheats Codes

  • One-Shot Kill: To enable this cheat, press Left + Up + Right + Down + B + B.
  • Activates Hidden Characters: Hold down L and R while navigating to the Character selection menu. Then, sequentially hit the up, down, X, Y, and Z buttons.
  • Unlimited Ammunition: Press L + R + L + R + B + B to activate the cheat.
  • High Score Display: Visit the Pause screen to enter the cheat. To activate the cheat, hold L+R and tap X three times while holding the buttons.
  • Activates All Weapons: Press the A + A + B + B + LB, and RB buttons.
  • Invincible: To activate the cheat, press Left + Right + Left + Right + B + B.
  • Unlimited Credits: To enable the cheat, press Up + Up + Up + R + B.

These cheats can be entered on the main menu. However, the majority of players believe that these exploits are related to the game’s Achievements. Some of the cheats will not activate until you progress in the game.

We recommend that you progress and acquire achievements to unlock these cheats. Also, while unlocking these accomplishments, a random cheat code may appear on the loading screen.

BluNectarine in the Official Forever Entertainment Discord channel revealed the number of achievements required to enable these cheats. The following are the accomplishments you must unlock:

  • To enable the Invincibility or God mode cheat, you must unlock 40 Achievements.
  • You must earn eight accomplishments to unlock Infinite Ammo.
  • To unlock One Shot Kill, you need to earn 16 Achievements.
  • 32 Accomplishments are required to unlock Unlimited Credits.
  • 24 achievements are required to access all weapons.

This concludes all of the House of the Dead Remake Cheats. If you enjoyed this guide,