Age rating settings in Apple App Store Connect have been updated.

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Image Credits: Apple

An age rating is a required app information property that the Apple App Store’s parental controls depend on. Apple App Store Connect produces a list of content descriptions, and you specify how often each type of content appears in your app. Your choices are translated to App Store age levels as well as geographic age scores.

Different areas may have different requirements. When you describe the content of your app, App Store Connect tracks age ratings and ranks these for impact to help you do this.

On Thursday, 20th May Apple release a press release where they have updated Age rating settings in Apple App Store Connect.

As per Apple App Store Distribution has refined the age rating of app’s content. In Settings, App creators can now separate Gambling and Contests as distinct content types. They are also available through the app store.

If App owner select Yes for the Gambling and Contests setting, the update reflects that app contains instances of Gambling. Contests will be classified as either “Frequent or Intense”. They can access the age rating settings directly from App Store Connect’s App Information section. Apps with Universal Purchase have the same age rating across all platforms in the App Store.

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