Abilities and lore: Apex Legends Mobile Fade

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Ignacio Huaman, the first of many Apex Legends Mobile-First Legends, Fade. Up until he is added to the main Apex Legends series, Fade will only be available in Apex Legends Mobile.

As in the main game for Legends, Fade has three different types of abilities. Fade’s powers revolve around time and space, as the name suggests.

Abilities and lore: Apex Legends Mobile Fade

Here are Fade’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile.

Tactical: Flashback

Fade has the ability to go back in time through another dimension to a previous location.

Passive: Slipstream

Fade will receive a speed boost at the end of each successful slide.

Ultimate: Phase Chamber

During Fade’s final move, he removes the activator cores from his suit and throws them. Everyone who is hit goes into a trance for a short period of time. In the Phase Chamber, there is no way to deal or receive any kind of damage.

Who is Fade Apex Legends Mobile?

Fade, a mobility-based hero, is the first Apex Legends Mobile Legend to join the game’s roster as an exclusive Mobile Legend.

To give him his full name, he’s Ignacio Huamani. The “simulacrum suit” he was wearing led to the events described here. He was able to escape the suit, he was left behind with the dead bodies of his family members thanks to Phase.

He’s joined the Apex Games in the hopes that those responsible for his family’s murder will come after him, too.

Do you think Fade will be coming to Apex Legends PC version?

Currently, there are no plans to bring Fade to the Apex Legends PC and Console versions.. Fade was designed specifically for mobile battle royale, he is the first Legend in Apex Legends Mobile to be mobile-only.

In the future, Respawn may bring Legends to PC and console platforms, so we’ll just have to wait and see. For the time being, it’s not going to happen