A smaller notch, and newer colors, make up this new concept for the upcoming iPhone 13

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With the success of Apple’s iPhone 12 the company is likely to unveil another successful iteration of their phone later in 2021, now that the popularity of the device has been established.

We can expect Apple to announce its lineup of phones at some point in September. The current chip shortages are impacting various products so September is not a foregone conclusion. If new concept by ConceptsiPhone is any indication, it will be great if Apple announces these in new phone 13. It shows a smaller notch as has been rumored.

ConceptsiPhone is channel dedicated to Apple Products and has amazing videos of iPhone concepts videos. This channel has also also concepts of iPhone 14 in when they have shown back Led screen available next to iPhone camera.

Let’s not digress from iPhone 13 feature shown in the video as per the concept apple 13 will be having A15 Bionic Chip which in my opinion fair possibility. As they are launching new Apple Bionic chip every year. As per the video we can see bump up of storage capacity in iPhone 13 to 1 TB. And default storage of 128 GB available to iPhone users instead of 64 GB is also possible in iPhone 13.

Other notable features shown are smaller notch this can happen by consolidation of Face ID camera with iPhone 13 as told by Ming-Chi Kuo in his research paper earlier this year.

Another new concept shown by ConceptsiPhone that iPhone may have any lightning port due to huge success Magsafe which may not possible in this year iPhone 13 and may have to delayed. That’s not out of the question because it will be around for at least another year. Apple is working on enhancements to its software, for example, which would work over the air software restoration.

A smaller notch, and newer colors, make up this new concept for the upcoming iPhone 13
Image Credits: ConcetsiPhone

As shown in the video iPhone 13 will be coming in many vibrants colors as current iPhone 12 lineup. I like the purple color it looks so classy.

But we have to wait for few more months to see what features iPhone 13 will have.

Source: ConceptsiPhone

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