A massive leak of 3.8 billion phone numbers might have taken place at Clubhouse

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Clubhouse is an iOS and Android social audio app that allows users to communicate in voice chat rooms that can accommodate thousands of people. The audio-only application hosts live dialogues in which users can engage by speaking or listening.

Clubhouse’s officially out of beta, but perhaps this story will give you a break before you rush to register. A massive leak of 3.8 billion phone numbers might have taken place at Clubhouse. And these numbers are up for sale on the Darknet following the data breach.

Source: Twitter

Let’s go down in a minute. Numbers 3.8 billion. It is around a quarter of the world’s telephone numbers, with an expected 14.91 billion mobile appliances in global use by the end of 2021. To the fourth!

However, this number wears out much more. Currently, according to CEO Paul Davidson, Clubhouse has 10 million users. So, from where are the remaining numbers?

Now, the seller of the supposed database of Clubhouse states that “the club house is linked to the phone-book of its customers.” “The number of a phone is automatically added to the secret database of Clubhouses when you enter a telephone number into your contact lists.”

If true, that’s disturbing.

Yes, Clubhouse asks you to have access to your contacts on-site to assist you find individuals you know already on the app. For social media apps, that is standard, although it is normally a one-time scan when you ask for permission.

Instead, Clubhouse rejects such an infringement by saying it’s a “chain of bots that generate thousands of random telephone numbers.” They further disagree that the Clubhouse API can provide any user-identifiable information, and hence hackers cannot exploit them for extra data even if they have their telephone numbers.

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