A data breach has hit McDonald’s

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In the latest data breach incident involving a company, McDonald’s was found to have exposed some customer data from South Korea and Taiwan due to unauthorized activity on its network.

According to McDonald’s Corp., the incident was identified and contained quickly, and a thorough investigation was conducted.

After identifying the incident quickly, the food chain was able to shut down access to some documents that contained personal information.

According to McDonald’s, only customer data from South Korea and Taiwan was accessed, and they are notified regulators and also consumers affected. A customer’s payment details were not leaked.

As a result of this investigation, McDonald’s is looking to further enhance its existing security measures, along with input provided by security resources.

Recent weeks have seen a number of high-profile cases of cybercrime targeting businesses in numerous sectors. World’s largest meat processor JBS SA announced on Wednesday that it paid hackers who infiltrated its computer system last month the equivalent of $11 million.

Last month, Colonial Pipeline paid a ransom of 75 bitcoins – then valued at approximately $4.4 million – in an effort to get its system back online. The Justice Department announced on Monday that it had recovered the majority of the ransom money.

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