26 million Apple Amazon Facebook Netflix and more accounts were stolen by hackers

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Security experts have discovered a cache of stolen data containing 26 million logins for popular websites, including Amazon, Facebook and Netflix. 1.2 terrabytes of data, including payment information, were stolen by hackers from Windows-based computers between 2018 and 2020 as a result of malware.

More than two billion cookies were stored in the database, as well as 6.6 million other files. Over half of these were text files, some containing login credentials saved on users’ desktops. Payment information and autofill data were also stolen from apps like web browsers.

Data collected from users’ devices was breached by so-called ‘nameless malware,’ according to cybersecurity firm Nordlocker.

According to the firm, you can buy custom malware online for at least $100 . It is transmitted via email and downloads of illegal software. In an interview with Nordlocker, a spokesperson stated that a hacker group stumbled upon the database’s location by accident.

Data stealers are unknown, as is whether any of the stolen data has been used maliciously. On Have I Been Pwned?, you can find out whether your email address or phone number has been compromised here.

The threat of malware attacks and cyber crime has become a major concern in recent years. A US fuel pipeline and slaughterhouses network were shut down by hackers within the last two months alone.

An official with the US task force that is tackling digital attacks announced in early June that it had filed its first criminal charge. Latvian hacker Alla Witte was accused of involvement in plots to target schools and hospitals by the task force.

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